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Code of Business Ethics

Nico Teknik, states his commitment to adopt below code of ethics.

Core Values

Honesty: We will always be truthful and transparent in our interactions with clients.
Transparency in intentions and expectations: We will clearly communicate our intentions and expectations with clients to avoid misunderstandings.
Keeping promises on time: We will deliver our services on time and as promised.
Not to offer a service which can't be done: We will not offer services that we cannot deliver.
Assurance of keeping the privacy of clients:
We will maintain the confidentiality of our clients' information and We will not use those information for unintended purposes.
Respect: We will show respect to our clients, suppliers, and service providers.

Conflicts of Interest

We will avoid conflicts of interest and, in the event of a conflict, we will prefer not to serve one of the corresponding parties and declare the reason.

Guidelines for Ethical Decision-Making

We will approach ethical dilemmas with the following principles in mind:
Consider the impact on stakeholders
Comply with legal requirements
Uphold ethical considerations


We are committed to upholding this code of ethics and will take all possible measures to ensure its implementation. In the event of an unforeseen circumstance that causes a breach of these principles, we will take prompt action to manage the situation and inform the affected parties.

Regular Review and Update

We will review and update this code of ethics on a regular basis to ensure it remains relevant and aligned with our core values and changing laws and regulations.

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