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Business Model Analysis

Service Description

Nico Teknik Co. provides a Business Model Analysis package that can help businesses better understand their structure and improve their efficiency. The package includes the following services:

  • Survey application about your business structure

  • Creation of a Business Model Canvas

  • Assessment of the business model

  • Provision of a report containing all data with comments and suggestions to improve business efficiency

+++ In addition, businesses will receive a bonus feature analysis of their website, including a comparison with the top three competitors.


This package can help businesses boost their competitiveness and reach their goals faster.


To learn more about this service, businesses can create an inquiry and appointment. During the arranged meeting time period, Nico Teknik Co. will provide a free live briefing (20-30 minutes) over video conference (or physical meeting for applicable locations) that introduces the features and content of this service. Businesses are free to approve the offered service or not.

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