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Lead Generating Digital Marketing

Service Description

Nico Teknik Co. provides Lead Generating Digital Marketing services that utilize the latest in digital marketing technology.


The company collaborates with experts in the field to create AI-powered structured digital marketing campaigns that are tailored to the specific needs of businesses.


The experienced team provides on-site assistance throughout the entire process, from choosing the right channels to crafting impactful content.Features of this service include:

  • Crafting content for businesses' websites to pull organic traffic

  • Crafting social media advertorial content and managing targeted ad campaigns

  • Building AI-powered structured digital marketing campaigns that work simultaneously with emails, SMS, and social media interactions and respond with triggered actions

Businesses can take their marketing to the next level with Nico Teknik Co. To learn more about this service, businesses can create an inquiry and appointment. During the arranged meeting time period, Nico Teknik Co. will provide a free live briefing (20-30 minutes) over video conference (or physical meeting for applicable locations) that introduces the features and content of this service.


Businesses are free to approve the offered service or not.



  • Digital marketing concepts and prices vary according to the tools used and scope of demand.

  • Lead generation campaigns should be considered as a mid-long term activity to get results since lead generation is a long-term study to get continuous results.

  • Nico Teknik Co. offers this service as a monthly subscription where the price depends on the scope of service and expects to receive payment monthly.

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