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Strategic Procurement

Service Description

Nico offers Strategic Procurement Support to help businesses optimize their procurement process. The package includes the following services:

  • Assistance in deciding on the specifications for products

  • Identification of potential suppliers, collection of quotations, assessment of quotations, and selection of a supplier

  • Negotiation to ensure the best prices, terms, and conditions

  • Assistance in sample production and delivery, as well as inspection of sample products

  • Assistance in placing mass orders and following up on lead time and delivery of products

  • Management of all necessary logistics arrangements in door-to-door delivery, including sea/land freights, customs clearance, and domestic transports


Businesses can contact Nico to learn more about this service. After creating an inquiry and appointment, Nico will provide a free live briefing (20-30 minutes) over video conference (or physical meeting for applicable locations) that introduces the features and content of this service. Businesses are free to approve the offered service or not.



  • The initial importing support cost is based on the volume of procurement. The standard price is considered as 4% of procurement or 400 USD for a minimum.

  • For following orders for the same product in the future, this pricing will decrease to 2% or 250 USD for a minimum

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